Therapy for Teens and Preteens

They just shot you that look again.

You know – the one that enrages you and breaks your heart all at the same time.

You’ve been watching your teenager sink into isolation and become more detached and withdrawn.

The teen years are challenging for any generation, and you try to relate by thinking back to all the trouble you gave your parents – but if your teenager rolls their eyes at you and says, “Ok, boomer,” one more time…

How did you two get here?

You think back to the bouncy, laughing preschooler who couldn’t wait to start school, but still almost cried as you handed them off to the teacher (and you shed some tears once you were back in your car alone).

Maybe it’s “just a phase,” like all those months you had to tell them to ‘Stop licking that!’

Maybe it’s just typical teen angst, like the summer you wore nothing but black and way too much thick black eyeliner because all your friends had decided Goth was “in.” But you worry it’s something more serious, like anxiety – or depression.

And you can’t get through. No matter what you try, the wall seems to become thicker and thicker.

But there’s hope – and I can help.

This is a challenging time for both of you, but I can help – through therapy.

I can help them build healthy boundaries, establish self-awareness, and learn positive coping skills, so they can successfully navigate new situations.

Together, you and your teenager will learn and practice effective communication skills – and leave sarcasm and raised voices behind.

Find a new and better place – together.

Take that first step to end the cycle of simple requests spiraling quickly into raised voices, slamming doors, and tears.

While there’s no going back to the pre-school days, you can get through this.

Contact me to set up a free 30-minute consultation to see if we’ll be a good fit. (406) 530-4467