You’re headed for burnout.

You know something needs to change. Let me help.

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You feel like you missed the class on “How to Adult.”

Everyone around you seems to have their ducks in a row and their life train on the right track. You appear to be missing a duck.

While you contemplate whether to order fast food burritos or greasy burgers for your family, the most important
decisions in your life are still waiting for your attention.

You’re too exhausted to think about that.

The life you wanted seems so far away.

You’re drowning.

Sometimes you want to pack your bags and walk out of your own life.

But there are so many people depending on you.

Working longer hours means more time away from the kiddos.

Which means more awkward calls from their teachers. Which means missing work to pick them up
early… You literally never get a break.

Pulled in a million directions, you’re feeling the threads of your sanity begin to fray.

It’s time to seek relief!

You’ve tried everything else.

Let’s try something new.

Something that works. Something that will take you off the crumbling, cliff-side trail you are on to more
solid ground where your happiness and goals are within reach.

We’ll meet in my comfortable, confidential, unpretentious office (a “Safe Space,” if you will) and start a conversation. I’ll learn from you what your goals are, what has and has not worked in the past, and from that, we’ll build a plan to move your life in a more positive direction!

It is possible to change. It’s possible to be happier.

As much as you love your kiddos, you know something needs to change.

Reaching out for help is your next step.

Yes, it takes a village.

Imagine coming home from work and feeling things are in order. You take a deep breath
and sigh with relief.

This can be life with therapy. Don’t suffer another day.

You’ve made it this far! *air high-five* Now, make the call.

Call (406) 530-4467 today to set up a free initial consultation.

You have nothing to lose and the rest of your life to gain.

Let’s get started!